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Bien Ho Ecotourism is located in the region of Quynh beach, Quynh Bang town, Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province, From the resort, guests can easily visit the scenic, famous historical sites have been classified by the State as the Con temple in Quynh Phuong, Quy Linh Mountain in Quynh Luong , Dragon Mountain - Palate in Quynh Nghia...

The resort features 30 spacious rooms including standard and deluxe rooms are divided into 4 separate buildings . The room is designed with red brick wall, modern furniture facilities clean , spacious bed and make you feel relaxed pleasure to enjoy a vacation of your happiness.

To serve you most thoughtful way, resort has put into operation a system menu served with nearly a hundred dishes and seafood specialties bold cultural homeland once that you enjoy without be forgotten.


Our company (ANCO) had a really fun and cool holiday at the resort unforgettable. The friendly, attentive enthusiasm of you had left us very great affection in the hearts of everyone in our group.

- ANCO Co., Ltd

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